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Note:All videos can be played with the free VLC Player on either Windows or Mac. If a video is playing on its side or upside down (oopsy!), choose Window->Video Filters->->Geometry->Transform and then choose a rotation value to make it right.  Or you can turn your monitor on its side. :-)

Now featuring 70 videos with a running time of 12:39:46

Boobie Play and Dirty TalkVideo #90 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:10:00 2014-08-04
Do you love my big tits?! My natural, swollen, juicy, milky fat 34 DDs? This is your vid! Stroke your cock as I jiggle my tithes in your face and tell you how to react with your dick.
Tease/panty PlayVideo #91 - Solo
00:10:00 2014-08-04
A fun tease vid., Should get you good and going, I talk and tease you.. will you see my pussy or not?!? Think I will give in and let you have me!?!?
Squity Cock In My MOUTH and on my glassesVideo #86 - Solo
00:11:52 2014-05-22
For your jerk off pleasure. Jerk yourself off while you watch me suck a squirty dildo. Get ready, you never know when the load will bust all over my pretty face, mouth, and eye glasses. heheh.
iPhone 5s Selfie videoVideo #87 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:10:46 2014-05-22 iPhone 5
Never before seen video! I made this videowith my iPhone 5. Selfffie Video.
Teasing in my daisy dukes. Video #88 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:10:59 2014-05-22
Like to be teased? Like to seee me shake my ass in your face? Like to watch me SLAP my ass really hard and talk dirty to you? See if you can pop to this! :)
Real Hitachi Cum, In heels!! Video #89 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:11:50 2014-05-22
Real cumm.. After you watch me shake my ass, you will see me get down on the floor. Fun angles. and a real, true orgasm!
JOI Princess: 200 tokensVideo #81 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:08:28 2014-01-02 HD
Will I let you finish? Find out.. I tease you in my satin white thongs, I keep teasing you and making you edge. Do I ever let you out of your misery.
Clean and Dirty: 300 TokensVideo #82 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:15:01 2014-01-02 HD Webcam
Watch me as I tease you in the shower. I wash myself, it feel's great. I am so relaxed. Watch me finger fuck my clean little pussy so good. Mmm
Good Morning BJ:300 tokensVideo #84 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:09:32 2014-01-02 HD Webcam
MY FAVORITE VIDEO TO DATE! I feel so sexy, I love your dick. Watch me hop in bed, lay on my tummy, and take it. Mmm. I love to please your cock, I love it inside of me. Watch your dick make me so creamy.
Sexy Fireside: 200 TokensVideo #85 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:10:18 2014-01-02 HD Webcam
Wanna watch my tease you with my pretty ass. I just woke up and something about warming up by a toasty fire, makes me so wet. Will I ever take my panties off and expose myself? Mmm
Queen JOIVideo #80 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:09:30 2013-12-08
Just watch and listen and do what I say. I am in the queens chair. That means I rule and you worship.
Jeep MinxVideo #77 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:09:30 2013-12-05
Watch me fuck myself in my jeep
JOI with AmberVideo #79 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:11:00 2013-12-02
Watch and listen to me give you some jerk off instructions.. stare at my pretty face and big tits while I tell you how to stroke it and when to pop!!!
SFO TO ATL/Airplane FingeringVideo #78 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:05:00 2013-11-02
Watch me fuck myself on the airplane, again!
Cutie In Cut OffsVideo #76 - Solo
00:10:00 2013-10-25
Looking cute in my cut off shrots and button up.. Watch me finger fuck myself and watch yourself cum to me!
crazyy lil bitchVideo #74 - Solo
00:07:00 2013-10-17
Watch me tease you in this video. I want your cock. I want it NOW! Hahha. And you finally give it to me and I am finally over it!
Happy HumpDay *200 Tkns*Video #72 - Solo
00:20:00 2013-08-14
Fucking my suction cup dildo on the floor. Teasing and beggging for cock. Being a needy little cock whore. I am wearing my cowboy boots. Hehehe.
Watch me take a bath *150 tkns*Video #69 - Solo
00:10:00 2013-08-08
Watch me... as I don't watch you. I take a bath and totally ignore you. I text with my girlfriend Summer and I even take pix for other men on my snap chat. But.. watch close, because I know you are watching me and I give you a tiny tease back.
Playing with my pretty titties *200 tkns*Video #70 - Solo
00:06:05 2013-08-08
You love my tits... right? Okay. so watch me play with them in the tub. They are all wet and soapy. I pinch my nipples. Yummm
FOOT fuuuucker! *150 tkns* Video #71 - Solo
00:08:42 2013-08-08
If you like being teased with feet. Ummm this is your video!
Outdoor Jeep Fuck Video #68 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:10:30 2013-08-05
Finally!! A NEW VIDEO. Watch me in my Jeep! Listen to me give you some JOI while I play in my jeep, out of my jeep, on my jeep. I get soo hot and sweaty finger fucking myself for you in the awesome Florida Sunshine. First Jeep Video! Included with JOI Luck Club!!
Voyeur Orgasm/Watching PornVideo #67 - Solo
00:19:00 2013-04-12 HD
So, I just made custom videos, afterwards I was really horny.. So, I decided to ignore the fact that the cam is on. TRUE ORGASM. Me!! Using Hitachi and watching porn. I totally ignore the camera, so, I didn't stress being pretty. I was just me!
Cut off shorts/Matching picsVideo #65 - SoloAmber's Choice
00:16:10 2013-03-26
I am sorta cute in my eyeglasses and cut off shorts. Watch me unbutton my shirt as I invite and encourage you to jerk off for me.
Pretty Pig Tails!Video #60 - Solo
00:12:13 2013-03-01
Wanna listen to be beg for you to cum to my pretty little body. In my pig tails and eye glasses and my awesome rainbow stockings! Hehe.. Listen to me moan and finger myself as I beg you to cum on me!
Up Close and PersonalVideo #63 - Solo
00:10:21 2013-03-01
This video is for someone who wants pussy in their face!! Just close up spreads and slaps and fingering and toy fucking. All up close!! Rawr
Watch me jerk offVideo #64 - Solo
00:07:00 2013-03-01
Watch me sit on my hitachi for the last time, (on video), I got a new sex toy!! I am watching porn and I truly do get off in this video. It is mostly me doing me! And ranting and panting about different things. Yah heard?!!
Jeep Passenger!!Video #49 - Solo
00:08:00 2013-01-29
I finally figured out that it is time to play around in my new Jeep!! This is the first "test" of many Jeep films to come! Watch me feel myself while cruising down the interstate!
Pretty RoomVideo #50 - Solo
00:10:01 2013-01-29
I didn't wanna sleep alone. Listen to me beg you to come and play : )
Pussy N AssVideo #51 - Solo
00:09:51 2013-01-29
If you wanna jerk off to my asshole and pussy in your face, watch this! Just a close up of my ass and pussy as I finger it and slap it and moan! I lotion it up pretty good too.
Cum on my feet! Video #46 - Solo
00:10:00 2013-01-17
This is my first foot video, ever!!! It was about time! I am not exactly sure how to please a cock with my feet, but I damn sure try. I beg you to cum on my feet. I share excitement on how this is my first time and how I love knowing I get your cock hard with my feet alone! I wait for my first hot load, ever on my feet. Baby, give it to me!!
Stoner vidVideo #30 - Solo
00:07:33 2012-12-08 1080HD
This is a good vid.. Dirty talk.. But, I was stoned.. and so was the camera lady. THanks mom. Hahaha. Wearing some pretty shoes and jewelry. I was in a FABULOUS MOOOD. Oh man. That was a good day in general. If you want the good vibes, this is your vid!
Vacation In HawaiiVideo #31 - Solo
00:10:29 2012-12-08 1080HD
After a very long day of vacationing in Hawaii, after scuba diving and getting super fucking sunburnt, I invite you to take a soapy shower with me!! Very good shower video and you can clearly see my tan lines!! I left Hawaii that night. I loved that day. I was so happy to be there. Good mood video! 1080HD 10:00
Howard Stern's Green RoomVideo #28 - Solo
00:07:11 2012-06-18
HAHA. LOVE THIS VIDEO!! Shortly after going on-air and being interviewed by Howard Stern, they put my ass back in the green room for a few. So me and Jessica took advantage! Watch my finger myself good, trying hard not to catch the attention of the Stern crew! Of course they walked in..Haha. They told me to get dresssed.. hahah. Love this vid! Get it! It is in the actual Howard Stern green room, the same day I did my interview
Field of FlowersVideo #21 - Solo
00:06:00 2012-06-04 HD
OUTDOORS. PUBLIC. Well, In the state of Florida, they are some small towns, I live in one! In a beautiful patch of flowers on the side of the HWY, I do what I do best, masturbate while Jessica films. Hehe. You see many passing cars like 300 ft behind me.. and I am sorta nervous, but fuck myself good!! SUPER PUBLIC, if you like that sorta thing. Lol.
Going to Hell. Wanna go?Video #22 - Solo
00:05:40 2012-06-04 HD
On the steps of a quaint little church, I wait for god to visit me as I masturbate on the stairs.. haha, and talk dirty. I fuck myself for Jesus using my fingers. Jessica films and I play, UNTIL WE GET CAUGHT. Haha. I guess a member of the church was coming to prepare for Sunday school. Hhaha. Fun vid. but, get caught.
Outdoor,Sweaty Jog. Video #23 - Solo
00:07:34 2012-06-04
Outdoors. After a long and sweaty jog in the beautiful outdoors, I decided to rub my hot little pussy. Pour my bottle of water all over me, and fuck myself good. Jogging get's me going. This is a fun video.
Florida girls like the water!Video #20 - Solo
00:09:13 2012-05-23
FAVORITE AWARD** I TALK DIRTY AS FUCK. In a lush stream, in the Florida sunshine, I masturbate with my fingers. So natural, it is ABSOLUTELY my favorite video to ever film and watch.I talk like a naughty little slut and hope I don't get caught by a park ranger.. Public video. Outdoors. HD. 10 min.
Outdoors in Florida!Video #19 - Solo
00:07:11 2012-05-22
I just love outdoors in Florida. If you like outdoors and public videos, this is a good one to add to your collection!
Naughty School GirlVideo #18 - Solo
00:10:00 2012-05-06 HD
What can I say, I skipped class to fuck myself! Listen to this pretty little school girl fuck herself and talk naughty.. Taking of my school uniform and wearing my slutty red heels.
Fucking A CoronaVideo #17 - Solo
00:09:00 2012-05-05 HD
I celebrate Cinco De Mayo in style. Is it odd that I got off on a nice beer bottle! Didn't think so! Dirty talk!Outdoors at my parents home!
Lake Side SoloVideo #6 - Solo
I find a beautiful, deserted lake and decide to get in the water and play hard. I use my brand new glass dildo and fuck myself good. ALLL of a sudden, a man from the county comes walking out of the woods and I was caught. It's all on cam! 10 min, HD 1080P. Filmed by my sister! There is also a matching photo set containing 127 pics!
Hitachis make me cumVideo #10 - Solo
For my 21st birthday, I stayed in this bad ass suite on the ocean. haha. Watch me cum on my hitachi. That is all that needs to be said. Passionate, straight up, orgasm!
Cumming on the couchVideo #11 - Solo
I have a matching photo set to this one too! My hair is pulled back, my front porch is the ocean, and I am feeling good. Watching me finger and fuck myself!
Mens RestroomVideo #12 - Solo
Yes!I fuck myself in a public mens restroom, I am giving this the MOST AWESOME SOLO VID AWARD. I look hot as fuck inviting you into the mens restroom with me. I use the sink, spread my
St.Pete! RedVideo #13 - Solo
Wearing fishnets and talll red heels! Enjoy this video as I pleasure myself naturally. No toys, just my nice, long fingers. Watch me slap and fingerfuck my tight little cunt and cum hard. Love the red theme in this video!
ATL to LAXVideo #14 - Solo
I did what on my flight? ATL to LAX in a packed 747, Delta flight. I excuse myself to the airplane restroom and pull up, my shirt, and pull down my jeans. Uh, oh. I pulled what out of my purse? A dildo of course. I fuck my pussy good on this aircraft. Seatbelts Please!
High as FUCK on Sunset Blvd!Video #15 - Solo
00:09:45 HD
In the sexiest dress I know, in the most sexy bed that I have ever laid upon, I fuck myself. Hahah. No toys. Just fingers! But, I have sexy fucking heels on and slowly disrobe myself.
The Grafton On SunsetVideo #16 - Solo
In my hotel room on Sunset Blvd, love the couch and decided to fuck myself on it. I like this one. Its intense..Perfect, close up of me fucking my pussy with my glass dildo.
Miss Howard TVVideo #27 - Solo
00:09:30 FULL HD! 1080P
Right after I filmed for Howard Stern, I had to make a vid in my new cool ass shirt. That was a good day! I will always remember it. I was in a great mood. A good dude was into me.. I was on top of the world. Haha, you want a vid where I was in a good ass mood, this is it!
Mean Little BitchVideo #29 - Solo
00:15:00 1080HD
I can be a meannnnnn bitch..: Hmm, I have a mean side, we all do?!dressed in black and white and some killer fucking shoes, I demand you to be my litttle BITCH! I even tear my fishnets offff. Watch it.. If you know you are pathetic, if you know you have a tiny dick, if you know you will NEVER land me, this is your video! LOTS OF DIRTY TALK.
Eating Layla LuxVideo #75 - Girl/Girl
00:20:00 2013-10-22
Me and MFC model LaylaLux team up and mind fuck you!!! Watch us eat and ride each other!!!
FUCKING LALYALUX 300 TKNS. Video #58 - Girl/Girl
00:18:00 2013-02-28
Eat that pusssy up!! Watch me and LaylaLux, fuck each other while being recorded. HD recorded video. Insane. It is my first girl on girl video in a year!!!! 300 TKNS!
Wanna tease each other?!Video #59 - Girl/Girl
00:07:00 2013-02-28
Live footage from out cam show together!! Me and Ms. Layla Lux kiss for the very first time, touch and explore each other and pull out the hitachi!!
Shower Time with ToriVideo #25 - Girl/Girl
00:09:19 2012-06-08 HD
*Old School* - What two girl's aren't sexy as fuck washing each other in the shower, I mean, EATING each other in the shower. What do you think happens??
Two girls, ONE HitachiVideo #26 - Girl/Girl
00:09:41 2012-06-08
Me and Miss Tori.. She has NEVER used a Hitachi before. If you want to see her orgasm like a mother fucker..this is it.. Haha, it freaked her out how good it felt on her clit.
Night Time with TiffVideo #8 - Girl/Girl
00:10:00 2012-03-15
Me and Miss Tiffani are dressed in our sexy outfits, on our oversized bed. We start making out and one thing leads to another. Pussy grinding, fingering, making-out, spanking ass, 69.. I was nervous to make this video. We had to start it over 4 times, I kept giggling. She was a pro and showed me the fucking ropes! Filmed on my 21st BDAY!
Shower With TiffaniVideo #7 - Girl/Girl
00:12:00 1080P HD
Me and Ms.Tiff were busy posing for photos all day. This was a relaxing and naughty shower. Haha. Oops. I have a thing for wet women, especially blondes.. Soaking wet, we finger and lick each other.. We cum out clean!
Tiffani understands my Hornyness. Video #9 - Girl/Girl
MEN FUCKING SUCK. Tripp, this cute as cop I was seeing, is a pussy and never made it to 1st base with me. Tiffani listens and understands my frustration.. Haha. Fuck you Tripp, I got a girl who understands my needs!
Anal with Miss Tori!Video #24 - Girl/Girl
00:13:00 HD
**Old School- 1st GG vid ever!** In this classic girl on girl video, me and Miss Tori, each try out our brand new anal beads! She is a bit more experienced than me, but damn are we fun to watch. She shows me how to slide them in and wiggle them around. We throw in the Hitachi, and cum hard..
Fuck Me From BehindVideo #1 - Boy/Girl
00:11:24 HD. 1080P
Wanna see me bent over and fucked? Here you go. Watch my fat tits bounce as he pounds his horny cock in and out of my wet pussy.
Favorite Fuck VideoVideo #2 - Boy/Girl
00:10:47 1080P HD.
Cowgirl, Reverse cowgirl. My tits bounce in this one for sure! He lays me down and cums all over my pussy.
Sloppy BlowjobVideo #3 - Boy/Girl
00:13:42 HD 1080P
As the title says, Sloppy. After a night at the casino, we go back to the room. I know how to make his cock happy. Watch my slobber and chock on that cock. He cums all in my mouth.
Road Head Video #4 - Boy/Girl
Haha. Love this.Driving down the interstate in Cali, I suck his cock topless. Plenty of cars pass by. This was a very fun video to make. It was very random. I loved him a lot this day! I sucked his cock with meaning.. I swallow that cum like a good girl!
FACE FUCK BJVideo #32 - Boy/Girl
Handcuffed and hands free, I suck his cock so good. He slaps me in the face with his dick and make's me suck it good!And of course he came all over my pretty little glasses and huge tits!!
Jan 23 MFC SHOWVideo #47 - MFC Shows
00:17:22 2013-01-23
Another super kick ass video of me masturbating for 2500 perverts. That is a lot of cum! Great ending, me begging for you to finish off inside of me and with me : )
Public Cum ShowVideo #45 - MFC Shows
00:15:00 2013-01-16
Recorded in my MFC chat room last night, Jan 16, I hadn't touched myself for a week. I was so ready and so horny to masturbate in front of you perverted strangers.. I grind my hitachi and tell you when you can cum! Rawr.
Watch Me CumVideo #44 - MFC Shows
00:15:00 2013-01-09
This is a public show for 2000 horny strangers in my MFC chat room, from January 9th!! I like it..
Explicit Blow Job AudioVideo #66 - Dirty TalkAmber's Choice
00:16:00 2013-03-27
For 16 minutes, listen to me suck your dick. From taking off your jeans, to looking into your eyes, if you wanna listen to me suck YOUR dick, this is your audio!
Touch Me DadddyVideo #53 - Dirty Talk
00:18:00 2013-02-10
This is my very first audio recording! Haha, It is really rather naughty and for those of you who wanna shut your eyes and just listen to me BLOW YOUR MIND, and load. Hhehe.. If you wanna be my daddy and touch my private parts, listen.
Why do you jerk to me?Video #54 - Dirty Talk
00:09:00 2013-02-10
I am really high and decided to record some more audio. I am pretty much talking shit to you and every other man that just loves to jerk off to me!